About us

Resurgit is an international group of companies working in the defense sector, specializing in security, survival, crisis management and maritime antipiracy.

We offer consulting and training services in all its area of intervention,
working with reliability and professionalism.

Resurgit , is able to provide private, corporate and government clients with extensive range of specialty services at the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism.

We are specialized in providing exceptional services to our clients, including training security forces, providing risk and threat assessments as well as personal, asset, executive and high-risk security support.

Founded by Salvatore Stefio, Resurgit is at the forefront of training to cope with hostile environments.

Our staff consists of current and former members of elite units within the
military and law enforcement communities.


RESURGIT CORPORATION Company Number:135,051 Office:Apt.2,16 Lauren Berges Crescent, Belama Phase-3