The Director

Salvatore Stefio, security manager end retired officer of the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross who became internationally renown as a hostage in Iraq in 2004, along with his colleagues Maurizio Agliana, Umberto Cupertino and the deceased Fabrizio Quattrocchi (Gold Medal Civil Valour), has become one of the top training experts in the field of S.E.R.E.(Survival, Resistance, Evasion and Escape).
On the strength of the direct experience of the months spent in captivity, Stefio has developed a series of very effective and useful training in survival
programs and is recognized as an instructor by Military Corps of C.R.I. These programs are recognized as being the most advanced in their field and are highly recommended to those individuals whose work entails stints in high-risk countries.
The captivity survival courses are delivered through an innovative method (CoDirEx / Co.Es.Di) that was specifically created by Salvatore Stefio with the aim of providing a totally effective training experience. 
This know-how, decades of experience in the security field and the support of specialized collaborators coalesce in establishing Resurgit ad a risk control training and consultancy company and the first Italian S.E.R.E. training school.