S.E.R.E. Training School - Resurgit

“The risk of capture or kidnapping has risen notably in recent years, largely due to threats from terrorists or various types of insurgent groups.
Preparing for a worst-case scenario makes all the difference.”

SERE is an acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, a program that provides military personnel, and civilians with training in evading capture, survival skills. Established by the RESURGIT ( the italian company created by Salvatore Stefio ).
Most higher level SERE students are military, security advisers and businessman, personnel considered to be at high risk of capture.
RESURGIT's main field of expertise is S.E.R.E.
Salvatore Stefio's experience in Iraq (he was held prisoner alongside Maurizio Agliana, Umerto Cupertino and Fabrizio Quattrocchi, who was executed by their kidnappers and subsequently given the Italian Gold Medal “al Valor Civile”) is of invaluable assistance to the course, constant research and improvements ensure the validity of the course over time.
Italian S.E.R.E. Training Programmes are the most updated in the S.E.R.E. field, thanks to its specialized staff of teachers and high level of experience in the sector.

Anybody travelling to dangerous countries can be kidnapped.
This is the dramatic reality today, where instability, insurgencies, piracy, and terrorism can have a direct impact on our lives and on that of our families. Professionals, businessmen, humanitarian operators, politicians, journalists, servicemen and private security officers are all potential targets.
In the latter cases, kidnappings have increased, thanks to better operational capability of insurgents, pirates and terrorists.
This increase is due partially to the tendency to underestimate the danger, thus penalizing personal safety.
However, there is no doubt that kidnapping can involve any category of person. No one is immune or out of danger.
Because of this, S.E.R.E. TRAINING SCHOOL - RESURGIT runs the S.E.R.E. courses (initial and advanced) generically referred to as “Survival in captivity”, in which participants are taught to be prepared in case of kidnapping or capture, to increase their personal safety, learning techniques and behaviour that can really make the difference. Being able manage a kidnapping/hostage scenario is not simple, this is true for the victim and their family.
Through consulting and strategic support RESURGIT provides constantly updated solutions on how to manage the dramatic experience of captivity and the impact of the event on the family.