Feng Shui Tips – Invite Romance Into Your Life

Feng Shui Tips – Invite Romance Into Your Life

Feng Shui is a Chinese system practiced by millions and can truly improve your overall mental state and life when applied properly. If you are looking for a complete guide to Feng Shui then you can find many in libraries or bookstores however here we will give you some free and crucial Feng Shui tips to invite romance in your life!

With these tips we are going to use Black Hat Sect Feng Shui to help determine where the romance corner is for your home or room. According to BHS Feng Shui this corner is at the far right from when you first walk in the door so you can create a romance corner for each room in your house or simply use one room. However in Intuitive Feng Shui it is traditionally your bedroom. Now let’s get ready to create your romance corner!

Before you get started clear out all of the mess and clutter in that room including: dead or dying plants, trash cans, and even ashtrays. You want the place to feel clear and lively as opposed to creating an ill energy that will likely counteract the Feng Shui! Also, dust and vacuum the space because you are making a fresh start and the space for your romance corner should as well!

Now that you have the room for your Feng Shui corner all cleaned up and clear, you can first look at the colors that are being used. Color is incredibly important for inducing emotions and for your romance corner you should stick with one, or all, of these three colors: red, pink, and white. Now, don’t be overwhelming with your colors or get something that just is atrocious, use something that is both functional and stylish! Additionally your colors don’t have to be blood red or bright pink! They can be any shade of red or pink you want!

Next it’s time to decorate. If you have a table or shelf there use some flowers (fresh ones or faux makes no difference) and some candles! Make sure that you change your fresh flowers regularly though because wilting flowers will cause relationships to fail. Lastly, make sure everything is in twos – this is one of the primary rules of your romance corner! If you have one candle, get another and light both!

Using some romantic music and putting up romantic pictures will also help set the mood properly for your romance corner! Once you are done admire your work and prepare yourself for that special someone who is bound to come in your life sometime soon!