Mark Cella The ALL New Ferrari 599 GTO

Mark Cella The ALL New Ferrari 599 GTO

Mark Cella describes a combination of power, pace as well as passion that’s exactly what the incredible Ferrari 599 GTO is all about. It’s got the power of the V12 engine that can generate 670 horsepower and an F1 6-speed gearbox – it’s the best plaything that any man would ever purchase.

It’s purely incredible not just due to its fantastic specs but generally it is truly incredible. The design of the automobile could not be distinguished as the traditional style of Ferrari. However, it doesn’t really matter simply because they did a great task coming up with this design.

Mark Cella and the passion of Fiorano

This design is an additional item of Fiorano which made it a symbol of Fiorano’s and Mark Cella’s passion. It’s also a product of some other 599s that was initially developed solely for customer tests and running laps within the race track. Its price may reach as much as 300,000 Euro Dollars however individuals would just simply say ‘it’s really worth spending that much for a Ferrari 599 GTO’.

Mark Cella 0 to 62 mph in 3 seconds!

Specification wise, here are the amazing specs of the Ferrari 599 GTO. F1 6-speed Gearbox for much better Acceleration – it can change from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds which is really an incredible rate of acceleration. That is a track record breaking speed among the items of Fiorano. That’s the reason amongst the Fiorano items, this is the quickest one they?ve produced.

Mark Cella 208 mph top speed!

There’s another advantage of this speed specification of this car and that’s to achieve its optimum pace quicker than every other Fiorano item. It can reach up to 335 km/h (top speed) – it could in fact reach the prime pace quicker compared to other vehicles due to the F1 6-speed gearbox. From one hundred to 0 km/h there isn’t any problem with breaking simply because it’s ten meters lesser when compared to a regular automobile when it comes to breaking abilities.

Mark Cella 670 hp and 620 lb ft of torque!

V12 engine with compression of 11.2 to 1. The engine of the Ferrari 599 GTO supplies the automobile with 670 hp which is powerful enough to compete with various other tremendous vehicles having V12 engines. At 8,250 rpm, it’s got a maximum torque of 620 lb/ft at 6,500 rpm. The specs of the engine are new including manifolds, fluid dynamics, ducts and intake system.

Mark Cella 599 GTO electronic controls

Electronic controls specifically traction manage his car includes a CST with F1-Trac grip and also stability control which offers the car additional great handling standard. With its energy as well as acceleration speed, it might be difficult to control. Because of this traction control, it is balanced and it would still be easy to drive.

Mark Cella on 599 GTO control and handling

They are a few of the specs that give the Ferrari 599 GTO a good acceleration charge as well as handling control along with enough energy. There are more specifications which are truly incredible and would complete the package of a tremendous car.

Mark Cella and the 599 GTO design

With these types of features and specs, it is really easy to point out that Ferrari 599 GTO is really amazing. Its exterior design may not be the typical or traditional Ferrari but based on other 599’s manufactured earlier it’s still exactly the same Ferrari. The interior of the automobile may not be mentioned but you’ve by no means found a dull or unsightly style of any interiors of any model of the Ferrari automobile. Mark Cella is a lifelong supercar enthusiast and collector.